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You see your colleagues publishing their books. And you see how it is increasing their business. You know it is costing you money to not have your book on the market.

Every time you are at a networking event, you see Joe over there handing out books as business cards. And you see how much his business has increased since he became a best selling author. You wish you were Joe. You want to be Joe. You are worried you’ll never get the money you need to pay for that vacation or car you want unless you write your book.

You painfully acknowledge that there is really nothing that sets you apart from the many others who do what you do. You know that being a best selling author would give you the authority you need to get the clients you want without pulling your hair out. You know that having a book speaks volumes.

Maybe you even beat yourself up as you are going to sleep at night because you’ve thought a million times about writing your book. You know you have an incredible book inside you, but you never get around to writing it.

You are so busy with your business that you just can’t seem to find the time to write your book, even though you know what a big difference it will make in your life.

We can help you turn this around. We can help you create your book in a way that doesn’t stress you out. We can help you become a best selling author and own your authority in your marketplace.

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